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LWA is a domestic abuse charity based in Loughborough to provide care and advice for those affected by domestic abuse. We offer help, advice and support for everybody who is touched by domestic abuse.

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What is Domestic Abuse?


Domestic abuse is a particularly prevalent and damaging crime which affects a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds.  Domestic abuse involves the misuse of power, and is based on a range of controlling behaviours which can include:


It occurs where the abuser is known to the victim through an existing or past relationship. Domestic abuse can occur in any relationship, including same-sex relationships and within family networks.


Research indicates that domestic abuse is predominantly perpetrated by men and the overwhelming majority of victims of domestic abuse are women and children. However, it is also recognised that domestic abuse affects both men and women, irrespective of sexuality, age, ethnicity or social background.


Domestic abuse –

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