Find a charity event and start fundraising

Giving Back is free for fundraisers and there are no monthly or annual fees for charitable organisations, so even more of your charity fundraising goes directly to your good cause.  Simply find the event you want to support below. Then, if you want to take part, buy a ticket and/or create a fundraiser profile then tell your friends so they can support you and your cause with secure payment processing.

Can't find your event?

If you can't find the event you're looking for, you can search again or go to Find a Charity above to search for the event organiser. When you've found your chosen cause, the Our Events link on the left of the charity profile will take you to your charity's Events list.

If you can't find your charity, let's send them an invite so they can start raising even more money with Giving Back.

Major events not organised by your chosen cause

Your charity may not organise the event you want to take part in, for example a well known marathon or bike ride. Don't worry, you can still raise money for your chosen cause.

Simply find your cause with Find a Charity above, click Our Events on the left of your charity's profile page and follow the instructions to create a Personal Challenge so you can keep your supporters up to date with your fundraising efforts and ask for their donations.

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